The wind power is one of the key sources of renewable energy. It is sustainable, does not generate pollution, is available everywhere, and is completely free – if we do not factor in the cost of the equipment needed to tap into this natural resource.

Wind turbines at sea. Image credit: Jan Oelker via Wikimedia, CC-BY-SA-4.0

So how do we generate energy from wind? Each day, throughout the world, new wind turbines are being built for this purpose: to capture wind and to convert its force to electricity. The wind spins the turbine’s blades, transferring motion to the generator, which is the key component needed for this energy conversion to take place. But there are also many other components that need to be carefully engineered and assembled into one single system.

There is a catch, though. Wind turbines typically reach at least 80 meters in height. The tallest and the most powerful wind turbine, Haliade-X, is 260 meters tall. How do we put all the blades, shaft, gearbox, generator, and the segments of the tower itself up there? Without a doubt, there are other technical challenges involved, too.

The following documentary video illustrates the making of a wind turbine in a sufficiently detailed way:


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