Day: January 3, 2021


The Gadget Census gathered responses from households throughout the country to determine who owns which gadgets. Applied sciences comparable to digital information trade and digital funds switch have been introduced they usually had a revolutionary impact because these allowed the companies to speak the commercial paperwork such because the fundamentals of purchase orders and invoices via digital community systems securely. The expansion of telephonic banking providers, bank card transactions and automated teller machines has added a brand new dimension to e-commerce. There are nonetheless innumerable elements of business and different associated points which can be rising as per the customers … Read More

Bioactive glass – the material, which rebuilt the future

Rapid technological development leads to the new generation of well-known materials like glass. It is everywhere, windows, cups, electronics, decorative household elements, windshields, aircraft, jewelry, and much more.

There are many glass types, but one of them ranks as the future leader in the materials market. It is a bioactive glass, which revolutionized regenerative medicine. In this article, we explain what bioactive glass is and what makes it so unusual.

Figure 1. The scheme of the bone reconstruction prosses using bioactive glass. Image Credit: M. Osial

Revolution in bone regeneration discipline

In 1969 Larry Hench and his team discovered bioactive

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