Month: January 2021

New catalyst produces green hydrogen from seawater

Researchers at Swinburne University of Technology’s Centre for Translational Atomaterials, in collaboration with Shaanxi Normal University, have developed a robust single-atom platinum catalyst that can produce high-performance solar light-triggered hydrogen from seawater.

They have also developed a prototype device using this catalyst, known as the ‘Ocean-H2-Rig’.

Researchers have designed a novel prototype device that is able to float on the ocean surface to produce hydrogen from seawater.

Hydrogen is one of the cleanest fuels. If it is produced from a clean, renewable energy source, like wind or solar, it can be used as a clean transport fuel, for providing

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New sensors quickly spot coronavirus proteins, antibodies

Scientists have created a new way to detect the proteins that make up the pandemic coronavirus, as well as antibodies against it. They designed protein-based biosensors that glow when mixed with components of the virus or specific COVID-19 antibodies. This breakthrough could enable faster and more widespread testing in the near future. The research appears in Nature.

To diagnose coronavirus infection today, most medical laboratories rely on a technique called RT-PCR, which amplifies genetic material from the virus so that it can be seen. This technique requires specialized staff and equipment. It also consumes lab supplies that are now

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Cellphone Insurance

Right now, nobody can think about a life with out the electronic devices. Our telephones are all the time on the move, and can get broken. That’s why our cellphone insurance coverage covers accidental injury and damaged screens. This new and progressive product can protect your devices in opposition to Unintended Injury, Water Harm and Theft, so should something go unsuitable the monetary value and headache of replacing the item might be minimized. 1. Expertise is about taking motion to satisfy a human need reasonably than merely understanding the workings of the pure world, which is the goal of science. … Read More

Study shows why anesthetic stops cell’s walkers in their tracks

Like a wrench that gums up the gears, a common anaesthetic keeps the motor proteins in your cells from making their rounds.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, but how it works has been a mystery until now.

Researchers at Rice’s Center for Theoretical Biological Physics (CTBP) detail the mechanism that allows propofol — the general anaesthetic injected to knock you out before surgery — to halt the movement of kinesin proteins that deliver cargoes along microtubules to the far reaches of cells.

Researchers simulated the mechanism that allows propofol, a common anesthetic, to halt the movement of kinesin

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The Gadget Habit

Just the opposite day I was asked by my companion if, aside from the plain gifts comparable to an iPod, Xbox 360, a digital camera, mobile phone and so forth, I might give her some ideas of what I would like as a present. Knowledge storage devices have attracted considerable consideration of the expertise developers. New kinds of storage units similar to newer versions of flash memory cards, arduous disks utilizing latest expertise and disks of ever-increasing capability are the results of development in newest technology in compute hardware. The reminiscence dimension of the random entry memory (RAM) playing cards … Read More

Troubleshooting Archos one zero one Problems

Change the way in which you assume devices as a result of the iPad is right here, lastly touched the planet. The approaching era of 5G echoes the alternatives back in 2014, when Li and co-founder He Fan, a serial tech entrepreneur, began the company. Back then, the 2 noticed an opportunity within the smartphone turning into a necessity with the transition from 3G to 4G. They also saw how continuous enhancements had been rendering gadgets obsolete much faster than earlier than. 3D video games are actually extremely simple to do, as all the info required to determine the place … Read More