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Study: Having Daughters Makes People Into Idiots

I don’t know why this surprises me:

Two sociologists have found that parents who have daughters are more inclined to support the GOP and turn a cold shoulder to Democrats.

In newly published findings that challenge earlier research, Dalton Conley of New York University and Emily Rauscher of the University of Kansas found that having more daughters than sons and having a daughter first “significantly reduces the likelihood of Democratic identification and significantly increases the strength of Republican Party identification.”

Conservatives tend to be incredibly hypocritical when it comes to their children. Oh sure, I went out drinking and smoking but if YOU do it you’re a terrible child! And if you’re girl that has sex?! You slut!

This is also part of the deep disconnect between what conservatives say they want and what they actually vote for. The say they want their daughters to be responsible and make good choices but they vote to keep their daughters away from comprehensive sex ed and contraceptives. Thus, they take away their options and then punish their daughters when they make the “wrong” choice.

Conservative “freedom”: You’re free to do things exactly how I want or I’ll use the government to punish you.

The Disease That is Conservativism

No-Fox_4c998Ever have a day (or in my case, night) where as soon you look at your social network of choice, you just want to scream “Fuck!!” at the top of your lungs? Lately, that seems to be the case whenever I get an update from a friend in my home state (who we’ll call Twiggy to protect his identity). We met in school before I was expelled, and he was one of the most open-minded,  if naive, people I knew, but since moving back to his hometown, he has become, essentially, a closed-minded imbecile.

In high school, Twiggy was a gay artist who was completely against the policies of Dubya, saying they were a plague on the country that was going to lead us to world war 3. Flash forward 5 or 6 years, and now he hates the current administration, thinks that everything POTUS has done in the last term and a half is destroying our country from the inside out, and has shown his utter disdain for civility by ending the post that sparked this rant with “Call me crazy but I’m beginning to get the idea that Romney would’ve made a better president than Saddam…um, I mean Obama. “ This kind of bullshit is something that sounds natural coming from an RWNJ, but not from a (presumably still) intelligent gay male who’s greatest achievements are in arts.

Make no mistake, I’m not deifying our president; I know he’s made mistakes (the NDAA being one of the biggest ones), but I also point out where he’s gone right (Do I need to list examples?). My problem here isn’t that he doesn’t support the president – that’s his prerogative, and his right as a citizen – my problem is that he seems to be proving the theory that the GOP’s brand of conservatism is a disease more virulent than the common cold. Unfortunately, it seems like it’s only going to get worse.

Anti-Union Forces Handed Temporary Defeat

Via Raw Story:

Indiana’s much-derided “right-to-work” law was ruled unconstitutional on Monday by a state Superior Court judge, paving the way for another legal battle with the state Supreme Court.

WXIN-TV reported that Judge John Sedia’s ruling found that a provision in the law requiring unions to represent workers who do not pay union dues violates the state constitution.

Here’s the perfect example of how the right lacks any core principles whatsoever. The way right to work kills unions is that it makes it possible for union members to leave the union but still forces the union to represent them. And people being what they are, they decide “Why buy the cow when I get the milk for free.” This, of course, is a terrible decision in hindsight because as soon as the union is defunct, benefits vanish, pensions get axed, wages drop, etc. And job security? What’s that?

But look again at what conservatives force unions to do: support people that refuse to pay into the system. This is the very thing conservatives claim to despise more than anything else. Except, of course, when it can be used to undermine the political and economical clout of workers.

The right has no core principles.

addendum: Some might be tempted to suggest that “AHA! So you admit that socialism doesn’t work! After all, what kills the unions is the same as the rich being forced to pay for the poor!”

Let me think about that for a seco no you stupid bastard! It’s not the same at all. In the case of the rich and the poor, the poor CAN’T pay and the rich can more than afford it. In the case of the unions, everyone is making roughly the same amount and the union workers are being forced to support their non-union coworkers that can absolutely afford to pay. The latter are the kind of moochers conservatives claim to detest while the former are those that need a hand up.

So there’s that.


Good Old Right Wing ‘Small Government’

Even as conservatives bitch and moan for “big government” to get out of their lives by not taxing the “job creators,” they’re also quite happy to support this kind of nonsense:

So-called morality or paramour clauses aren’t explicitly limited to LGBT people, though courts once considered the mere fact of homosexuality reason enough to separate parents from children. For years, and as recently as the past few months, multiple courts, usually in red states, have ruled that unmarried sexual relationships, regardless of the genders involved, are grounds for denying custody, regardless of whether there’s evidence of harm to children.

Between that, the push to make abortion illegal again and GOP initiatives like Voter ID that will prevent people from voting, the right wing proves over and over that the only kind of “small government” they like is the kind that lets corporations run amok. Past that, they’re pleased as punch to have the largest government imaginable force people to live by their arbitrary morality and to suppress anyone that threatens their privileged status.

The hypocrisy is so thick, you can cut it with a knife.

I Love My Job

There is nothing more satisfying than taking the rhetoric of a “superior” conservative and breaking it down for the hate filled garbage it is.

This is Kieth. Kieth is a conservative who is quite convinced that his success as a whatever it is that he does makes him a superior human being (emphasis mine):

Keith: Always translate what I say Always inaccurate So since you never answered the question I will assume that you are a non producer and you are taking from those who do produce – you have your vote as provided by the constitution but your opinion other than your vote doesn’t matter. In this country we vote with our dollars – (investments, companies, purchasing, donations, charity etc…) Must suck going through life wanting what others have and trying to take it away from them, since you can’t earn it yourself – I feel sorry for you , until you can look in the mirror and realize – no one owes you anything but what you owe yourself and your family – you will be a bitter underachiever, thinking that playing on facebook and posting your opinions makes any difference to anyone. For the record I know that there is no chance, that this post has any chance of making you find the truth about yourself”

His contempt for those without money is palpable. This is why he has been insisting that I am on government assistance for a few days: He needs his monied status to bolster his case. He needs  for liberals that argue for the social safety net to be living off it. It is the only way he can justify the innate greed of his position, namely that he shouldn’t have to help anyone and if I wasn’t dependent on the government I would feel the same way. Unfortunately for him, I had some bad news to deliver:

Justin Rosario: “I will assume that you are a non producer and you are taking from those who do produce “

Would it make you feel better or worse that you are intellectually and morally inferior to someone with less money? I’m just curious because you seem awfully invested in assuming I’m on government assistance. I think you really do believe your money makes you a better person somehow. 

It doesn’t. 

I’m a stay at home parent (by choice) and I work part time as a writer/editor/etc to pay for groceries, gas and a utility or two. And I do pretty well for someone in my field (amateur blogger). My wife works full time and we are pretty comfortable (aside from school loans, alas), we do not collect government assistance of any kind because we make too much money.

Yet, I do not begrudge those who do because I grew up poor and I know how much it sucks. 

Now, I know this completely ruins the pretty little picture of me you had painted in your petty little head. It’s impossible for you to fathom that someone not on government assistance would not resent those that are. I’m sure you’ll point out the handful (relatively speaking) of people that cheat the system of a few million dollars. So what? Do you rail against the handful of billionaires that cheat the system of billions? Of course you don’t. Because that system favors you.

So, in reality, while I push for a system that does not personally benefit me, you are heavily invested in maintaining a system that benefits YOU.

And that’s why you are morally bankrupt pig feeding at the trough of ignorance and hatred.

Here endeth the lesson.

There are days I truly, deeply, passionately love my job mocking the right wing of this country.

I have another chunk of dialogue where he accidentally reveals that while he loves the idea of Voter ID, he literally does not understand what it is or how it works. That was a lot of fun, too. I’ll have that up as soon as I have a chance.

Shocking! The GOP Is Attacking Obama For Doing Exactly What They Want!

It’s almost like liberals possess the ability to see the future

Remember those warnings about how instead of welcoming President Obama’s adoption of Chained CPI, Republicans would continue to deny him a budget deal and attack him for proposing to cut Social Security?

Well Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR) — who also happens to be chairman of the House GOP’s re-election committee — just showed how it’s done, saying Obama’s budget “lays out a shocking attack on seniors.”

I’ll tell you when you’re going after seniors the way he’s already done on Obamacare, taken $700 billion out of Medicare to put into Obamacare and now coming back at seniors again, I think you’re crossing that line very quickly here in terms of denying access to seniors for health care in districts like mine certainly and around the country,” he said on CNN Wednesday afternoon.

This is how the GOP operates: they demand that you give them cuts cuts CUTS and then attack you for it. This is why they refuse to tell anyone what cuts they want. It lets them pretend to be shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you! that anyone could ever POSSIBLY cut the very programs that they’ve been trying to cut for decades. Mind you, the GOP is on the record as demanding these cuts but so what? They’ll just act outraged and the “liberal” media will dutifully report that while completely forgetting that the GOP was for it before they were against it.

I get that Obama knows this will never come to pass. He knows that the GOP will not, under any circumstances, agree to closing tax loopholes or increasing tax rates on the rich. That’s why he tied the SS cuts directly to the tax hikes. It will allow him to say, “See? I compromised. I offered up some that the the entire left is against and the GOP STILL couldn’t budge an inch.”

And in a reasonable world, this would work. The public would look at the GOP and say, “Hey! He put something absolutely precious to liberals and Democrats on the table! How is HE the unreasonable one here?”

Instead, I fear that the only message that the “liberal” media will let through is “Obama tried to cut Social Security!” Ridiculous.

Lawrence O’Donnell Makes Conservative Heads Explode

The more I listen to conservatives and Republicans, the more I am absolutely convinced that the key characteristic to being one is pure, unadulterated, willful ignorance.

When Ronald Reagan died, he was vaunted to the status of saint despite the fact that he could not even win a Republican primary in today’s crazed excuse for a right wing political party. They would call him a radical leftist what with his several tax increases, support for Social Security and willingness to negotiate with “the enemy.”

And we see this historical revisionism again now that Margaret Thatcher is dead. She makes President Obama look like a tea partier, yet they are singing her praises and measuring her halo.

Lawrence O’Donnell puts the record straight:

So if Thatcher was so godlike and she’s to the LEFT of Obama, what the hell is the GOP always bitching about?

The Filthy Liberal Scum Podcast! Gay Marriage Is A Scam!


This week’s episode in which we discuss Google’s Easter sin, The single stupidest anti-same sex marriage argument ever, The role of marriage and is it necessary?, The Pope cleaning WOMEN’S feet! and Republican’s take a break from insulting minorities and women and get back to insulting the youth vote.

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My New Troll, Jeremy Werner, ‘Exposes’ My Decadent Lifestyle


I guess Facebook bullies look as douchebaggy in real life as they act online.

Here’s an adorable attempt by a troll to “rattle my cage.” I don’t actually know who Jeremy Werner is but he apparently feels that “exposing” my personal life will totally crush me. I respond in bold.

Jeremy Werner:

I hate to bring personal matters out on Facebook but I think it is important for the public to know. Your recent post about the Glenn Beck teardrop is as homophobic as calling Elton John a faggot or Ellen a dyke. (The post is about Glenn Beck’s tears being used to sooth a chapped taint. I am entirely unclear how this is homophobic) Why don’t we talk about you for a second. Why don’t you tell the public what you do for a living. Oh yeah that’s right you don’t work. (Errr…I write part time for a living and raise my kids full-time. I regularly post ads for new writers that EXPLICITLY states they will get paid. What kind of idiot would think that other writers would be paid but I wouldn’t?)  LMFAO You went to Queens College and didn’t graduate. (Sure I did, I went back and finished my degree in 2010. I even took my infant daughter to class once because I couldn’t get a babysitter. She was very popular. I have a BA in Media Studies that I’m not using but it was worth it to get anyway) So you worked at Blockbuster and then Game Stop (Actually, I was a manager at Gamestop first, left to work at BB, found it to be the worst job EVER and then decided to be a full time stay at home dad. After that I took a part time job at Gamestop to earn pocket cash and get out of the house a couple of days a week, then I fell into a writing gig) but quit to stay at home with your daughter Anastasia and your son. Makes complete sense considering it would costs you more to pay for day care than you made at your entry level minimum wage jobs (Not entirely inaccurate. It would have cost enough for day care that I would have been working full time just to pay for it. Especially with a second child and the first one with autism. Better to not spend the money and have me raise our kids instead of a stranger. It’s worked out GREAT so far!) However, you’re wife Debbie, who also went to Queens College, actually did something with her education and last I knew works for the military (Actually, Debbie finally got to finish her degree at the same time I did and hasn’t worked for the military in over a decade). Isn’t it funny that you are literally the poster child for liberals? (You mean defying gender roles in just about every way possible? I guess so! Thanks!)

You complain about the conservatives because they are greedy and evil (You all certainly vote that way), while you sit on your over-sized ass (Oh noes! He insulted my weight!) and do NOTHING (Except, cook, clean, raise my children, write and edit for a major website and run a mildly successful Facebook page) because after all, the kids do go to school most of the day (They do? I guess the little girl that demands most of my attention all day is a figment of my imagination). I expect you to say that I am a sexist to say that a man should be out working not the women. This is not true. I believe that a woman is more than capable of earning enough to support the family but I ask you, didn’t she do enough by carrying your children for 9 months a piece and dealing with the excruciating pain of pregnancy and child birth? Now she has to go out and bust her ass while you do nothing but post hate rhetoric on Facebook (So what you’re saying is that a stay at home wife does nothing all day? I can’t imagine why women think conservatives are creeps and misogynists). Have you ever wondered why historically it has been customary for the man to take care of a woman? Because it is hard enough just being a woman dealing with “woman issues” douchebag men, parenting (So is parenting work or not? Jordan didn’t go to school when he was born you know. Who do you think took care of him? The Diaper Fairy?), and everything else that goes into being a woman, the least the man can do is go out and bust his ass and earn the financial means necessary to raise a family. I will be the first to admit it is much harder being a woman than a man (Like you have the slightest idea of what it means to be a man). You on the other hand don’t care about any of this and on top of everything Debbie already does, now she has to bring home the bacon so your obese ass can eat it. I bet you don’t even maintain the house, cook, clean, laundry, etc do you (She does do the laundry because that let’s HER get out of the house for some peace and quiet every week)? I bet you Debbie has to do all that too after all, maintaining your hate page takes a lot of work.

He is a thought and hear me out really quick: Instead of sitting on Facebook all day spouting your gossip, rhetoric, and propaganda, which has now basis of truth to it, why don’t you put that energy towards improving the situation of your family? If you are dead set on staying at home while Debbie works, why don’t you start an online business or something(Sigh…)? Whatever it is make sure it is productive and beneficial to your family, specifically your kids, because after all, they need you more than all your mindless followers on Facebook.

Finally, I’m glad you took down that Equal sign because you are only in support of gay marriage because that’s what the liberal nation demands of you. If you were genuinely concerned about equality, you would not have posted any of your homophobic comments (I had one gay man and one lesbian as groomspeople. My Best “Man” was also a woman. And a lesbian. She’s also currently pregnant with my artificially conceived child because she and her partner want kids. I think I might just be about as far from homophobic as a straight man can be. I’m no conservative. I don’t just talk the talk; I walk the walk). My gay friends (I’m sure some of your best friends are gay…) would not be offended by your comments because they are far too strong willed to be offended by someone else’s ignorance. However, what about your weak minded and ignorant gay followers? Do you think they appreciate your comments? But that is typical of the liberal nation, talk out both sides of your mouth.

This message brought to you be myself REDACTED and every other person you label a conservative because we have facts and you have rhetoric. After all, what is a liberal anyways? A liberal is a conservative without accountability, responsibility, logic, and reason. “Accountability, responsibility, logic and reason?” AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh please, the right wing still can’t take responsibility for the Bush administration, your official party platform denies evolution and you think tax cuts are the answer to both a recession AND a budget surplus. You’re like binge drinking teenagers that can’t be trusted without adult supervision.

Obviously all of this “personal” information is supposed to shake me up and make me wonder where he got it from. Of course, pretty much all of it is easily gleaned from articles I’ve written in the past. Also, I don’t care. You see, unlike conservative trolls that try to bully people online, I’m more than happy to tell you who I am, what I do and where I live (Middle Village, Queens, NY). I am not a quivering little right winger emboldened by the protection of hiding on Facebook.

Jeremy, Your attempts to frighten me are as a laughable as your understanding of what it means to be a man. I scrub toilets, I change dirty diapers, I play dress up, I read bedtime stories, I play with dolls, I cook, I make lunches and I do all of that while helping to run one of the largest news blogs in the country and making enough to pay for the groceries for my wife and the two bottomless pits known as “children” as well as the occasional night out. But, to you, that’s a trifle.

And what is it you do? You’re an accountant in Iowa? Yes, I’m sure that’s very fulfilling. Do you have kids? I’m guessing no or you would have some idea of what real responsibility is. Right now, you’re just a little boy going out drinking with his buddies and pretending it means something. But please, keep telling me my life is worthless. It really means a lot coming from someone as important as you.

What a shallow, empty life you must lead if mine so deeply offends you.

Government Small Enough To Fit In Your Bedroom

Liberals are always right about conservatives: Lesson #154,567

Liberals keep saying over and over that “small government” social conservatives are nothing of the sort. They love love LOVE the idea of small government where corporations are concerned but when it comes to your personal life? Holy Zombie Jesus do they love big government!

Like this:

Republican state Sen. Austin Allran wants to impose a two-year waiting period and mandatory marriage counseling for couples seeking a divorce in North Carolina. The “Healthy Marriage Act” would also force couples to attend a four-hour course on the impact of divorce on children.

Now, I imagine that if I were to ask Sen. Allran about universal background checks for guns he would squeal like a stuck pig about “FREEDOM! TYRANNY!” Hold on, let me check…let’s see…put prayer back in schoolAnti-ObamacareRepeal Estate Tax and…yup! Guns are good.

So, he’s a “government is the problem” sort of guy yet he want to restrict abortion (he votes for that a lot) and now tell people they can’t divorce? Yes, I can see how that would be the very definition of “small government.”

Social conservatives love the idea of the government enforcing their religious morals on everyone around them. At no time will they allow people to live their lives as they see fit unless it happens to comport with what social conservatives see as the “proper” way. They will chant about “freedom” while simultaneously arguing that the government should have absolute control over your personal decisions.

They’re liars and hypocrites and liberals were right yet again. It’s shocking how often that happens.