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Obamacare Is Not Going to Hurt Grandma

The conservative attack on Obamacare has been a string of subversive lies meant to undermine the United States’ first real attempt at regulating the healthcare industry. From the beginning, Republican and libertarian conservatives screamed that the money to fund the ACA would be stolen from Medicare and that senior citizens would pay the price in less services. This misrepresentation of the facts was successful in engaging a large section of their conservative base.

Go on any conservative website with a story about Obamacare and scan for comments about the negative affects Obamacare has had on Medicare and the people who depend on those services. The falsehoods embraced by the senior citizen demographic is staggering. Twenty percent of the United States population receives some kind of Social Security benefit. Historically this has been a big conservative voting block and conservative mouthpieces have never missed a chance to defraud them by lies, while using intimidation to promote fear and anger.

Liberals, on the other hand, have never been very good at promoting and marketing our values. We need to start steering this ship with bold strokes and stop choking on minutia. On this one issue we have command of the ship, in spite of the crew threatening mutiny at every turn. Affordable healthcare is here, in all its pathetic patch-worked glory. As true liberal activists we should be defending the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Don’t be afraid of failure because it didn’t launch perfectly. There are several benefits of the ACA that have enhanced Medicare since 2010, but most seniors don’t even know they can thank the ACA.

We should be thankful this day has finally come and stop acting embarrassed. We don’t need to make excuses for the ACA. It has survived unprecedented assault by conservative lawmakers. This entire process of implementation has been overshadowed by the constant barrage of threats by conservative coalitions. Yet, still it survives!

Thousands of devoted liberal-minded people have worked countless hours to pry open the door to affordable healthcare for the people of the United States. Many of those devoted to this cause did not live to see it implemented. It is far from perfect. It may be more like a boat than a ship, but it is ours! We played capture the flag on this issue with the conservatives for more than 100 years. We won. We won graciously. Liberals gave conservatives the national healthcare plan THEY wanted, even if they do call it Obamacare. We didn’t stand up for what we really wanted, which was common sense, across-the-board fairness, when it comes to healthcare in the United States. This was our compromise with conservatives and they threw it in our faces, denouncing what was, in reality, their own ideas. True liberal values means we keep fighting misinformation, we keep explaining and sharing the best data we have. We correct our mistakes. We keep working for the betterment of our country and its future.


No Tolerance For Intolerance

I’m starting to see this interesting meme popping up on my threads from liberals who find it offensive when I berate conservatives for being bigots and liars.

Here’s one jackass complaining about a post concerning the ultra-right wing Orson Scott Card:

For christ sake people, his opinions are just different from yours.
Oh I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were a closed minded conservative. I thought we were all tolerant liberals here.

Now, I’ve been hearing this for the last 5 years from conservatives who think they are being clever. Hur hur hur! You liberals say you’re tolerant but you can’t stand the conservative viewpoint. You’re all bigots! Hur hur hur!

Yeah, right. Because there’s nothing more bigoted than calling a racist piece of shit a racist piece of shit. Said no one with two working brain cells ever.

I expect this from conservatives. Not for nothing, it’s impossible to defend the nonstop flow of anti-gay,anti-black, anti-Latino,anti-woman,etc. bile from the right. You cannot dress up that kind of negativity as something positive so the only course left open is to paint liberals as being just as hate-filled. Like most right wing arguments, this has the sophistication one would expect from an eight year old. “I’m rubber, you’re glue. Anything you say bounces off of me and sticks to you!”

But to hear it from a liberal? Nah. I don’t think so.

There are two options here. For the people who are claiming to be liberals while endorsing this view, you are either a conservative trying to sow dissent (not as tinfoil hatty as it sounds) or, more likely, you are not a real liberal.

Yeah, that’s right. I said it. YOU are not a real liberal. I don’t usually try to define liberalism. Actually, I don’t think I ever have (and if I have, shame on me!). Telling other people how to be a liberal is pretty arrogant. But in this instance you goddamn bet I will. If you accept the overwhelming racism and bigotry of the right, actually, from ANYONE, then you are no liberal. I don’t mean that you should go out and protest every time some redneck idiot calls Obama a nigger or that you should loudly lambaste your relatives for making a joke in bad taste. That’s probably a bit excessive, yes? But if you think that publicly condemning a public figure for making public statements that are right at home in a secessionist militia compound is “closed minded?”

You are unrecognizable as a liberal.

This is not the same as complaining that I’m too strident or militant in my dealing with the right. Those people are pussies but they’re still liberals albeit liberals that still haven’t learned that being nice to people that literally think you work for Satan is a losing proposition. This is entirely different. This is a “liberal” saying we should respect the opinion of a racist. In other words, we should be tolerant of intolerance.

Tolerance is, indeed, a core liberal value. So much so that you cannot just blithely accept bigotry and still claim to be a liberal that believes in equality. You either look at open expressions of racism as repulsive and worthy of open scorn or  you are condoning them. This does not mean all liberals are free of prejudice but we know to keep it to ourselves and know damn well that people who can’t or won’t should be shunned.

Seriously, if you’re a “liberal” and you’re completely offended right now, I suggest you take a good hard look at your priorities because silence is consent and you should fucking know better.