How Long Will Corporate Radio Continue To Lose Money On Right Wing Propaganda?

Via AddictingInfo:

With the current advertiser exodus, the right-wing radio host market can no longer support the number of hosts it currently has. Expect the smaller, weaker hosts to jump ship, change their mantra, or disappear from the airwaves.

Meanwhile left-wing radio hosts are having a huge jump in popularity, averaging far more audience per station than their right-wing counterparts. Unlike right-wing hosts, the left-wing commentators are not gaffe-machines, spewing hate-filled rhetoric that no company wants to be associated with.

What the article is referring to is a presentation made by Courtside Entertainment CEO Norm Pattiz at the New Media Seminar:

Touching on a variety of bullet points, the former Westwood One honcho commented that, despite the fact audience size is unchanged, there is dwindling support for conservative talk radio from national advertisers.

The rise of social media has made left wing boycotts incredibly effective while right wing boycotts have become increasingly feeble, which is why, suddenly, the right HATES boycotts (It’s an attack on “free speech,” you see). Where once a few well placed and extremely well funded professional conservatives could claim to represent millions, the internet has made such deceptions almost impossible (the Tea Party being an obvious exception). You can call yourself “One Million Moms,” but when your bigoted petition only gets several thousand signatures, no one is going to pay attention to you.

On the other hand, even politically disengaged people will happily sign a petition against bigotry or hatred. When tens of thousands of people (and more) protest your advertising on Rush Limbaugh’s daily misogy-thon, you listen. 

So now we’ll see just how much the right wing REALLY believes in the “free market.” The  ”free market” dictates product that loses money or can be replaced by product that makes more money MUST make way. But, as we saw with Fox and Glenn Beck, the powers-that-be were more than willing to loses millions for almost an entire year to keep his propaganda on the air when Beck lost all of his major advertisers.

Similarly, Rush Limbaugh is far too important to the right wing agenda of keeping the base ignorant, angry and misinformed. He could lose every legitimate advertiser and his show would stay on the air. Strange how it’s the “free market” for us when it comes to protective regulation (it’s just gotta go!) but corporate welfare for the talking heads that lie  on behalf of the 1%.

And the mantra of the right plays on: Do as we say, not as we do.

And Another Huge Piece Of The 2008 Collapse Falls Into Place

And here’s a shocker: It has EVERYTHING to do with banks “regulating” themselves.

Addictinginfo reports:

The large UK bank Barclays is not a household name here in the United States, but its actions reverberate throughout the global banking community. It only recently was found guilty of colluding with traders at other banks to fix the interest rates over the Libor, the London Interbank Offered Rate, and the Euribor, the Euro Interbank Offered Rate, over a period of 5 years, which coincided with the largest banking collapse in world history. This interest rate fixing is believed to have been the root cause of the lending freeze which caused the Adjustable Rate Mortgage reset. As ARM’s issued by such giants as Washington Mutual, Countrywide and Wachovia were derived in part on these two exchanges, this caused a record number of defaults as interest rates climbed faster than anyone had predicted.

So the bankers got greedy and manipulated the “FREE” market. Result? Catastrophic collapse of the world’s economy. Add this to JP Morgan “losing” 9 BILLION dollars on risky trades and you have the recipe for reform if only the Democrats would take that bull by the horn. The GOP, of course, will howl that regulation kills jobs, commienazisocialism bla bla bla but it’s so self-evident that the banks are incapable of policing themselves that even the most die-hard teabagger has to start wondering if perhaps leaving these greedy pricks to their own devices is a good idea.

Then again, teabaggers are not known for their capacity for independent thought…