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The Supreme Court Will NEVER Overturn Roe v Wade But Not For The Reason You Think

Glenn Dewar, The Fat Smug Bastard, has a theory that Supreme Court Justice Roberts will never, in a million years, vote to overturn Roe v Wade. In fact, Glenn is convinced that he was put on the court to make sure it never happens. Looks like we’ll be able to put his theory to the test and soon:

WASHINGTON — A steady stream of abortion cases are heading toward the Supreme Court, making it only a matter of time before the justices are likely to consider a new wave of state restrictions.

Although the justices have refused to consider two major cases from Oklahoma in the past two weeks, more states are seeking the high court’s blessing for restrictions that have been struck down by state and federal appeals courts.

Let’s be honest, the conservative wing of the SCOTUS is so used to reinterpreting a case to reach any conclusion they want, they could take any one of these and simply overturn Roe v Wade.  But, according to Glenn, they won’t.



The Republican electoral strategy relies on one thing and one thing only: wedge issues. The establishment doesn’t give a rat’s ass about “protecting the unborn,” they care about enraging religious voters so they’ll vote Republican. Take away the social wedge issues and suddenly people might notice that the GOP’s entire economic plan is designed to crush the middle class and working poor.

This has been true for decades.

Knowing this, Roberts will, according to the FSB, never vote to overturn Roe. Place your bets, people.

Correction: the original article listed Justice Kennedy as the vote to watch. The article has been updated to reflect the target of the FSB’s theory: Justice Roberts

Being Rabidly Anti-Abortion Is Officially Proven To Cult Behavior

Here’s a nifty poll I just saw at Pandagon in which the South and Mid-West have become more radicalized on the issue of abortion:



What happened to make these two areas so much more in favor of stripping a woman’s right to choose? Did they become more religious? Nah. Did new evidence emerge that shows a 6 week old fetus is a fully realized person? Nope.

What happened was that conservatism became a fundamentalist cult in which you are not allowed to have a difference of opinion. I’ve been saying this for a while now: Conservatives MUST accept any lie or policy dictated to them because if they question one aspect, they will inevitably question others and the whole house of cards that is right wing ideology collapses.

For instance: In order to believe that the country is really a center right country, you must believe that liberals stole the last two elections by rigging the vote even in states completely controlled by Republicans. In order to justify Voter ID laws you must believe in widespread voter fraud without a single scrap of evidence to back this up. My step father in law, a Fox News conservative, absolutely insisted there is widespread voter fraud and that Obama’s DoJ is just ignoring it. When I pointed out that the Bush Administration spent 5 years looking for voter fraud and found less than 100 cases in five years combined, I literally watched a moment of confusion flicker across his face as he processed this information. A second later, he completely disregarded it and insisted that Voter ID laws would “protect the integrity of elections.” He was on autopilot, repeating, verbatim, what he’d heard on TV. I guarantee in a month or so, he won’t even remember what we’d spoken about and will be back to insisting that Obama is ignoring all the voter fraud.

That’s not rational thinking, that’s how brainwashed cult members act and so it is with the right wing and abortion.

Hypocrite Of The Day: Scott ‘I’m Pro-Life!’ DesJarlais

Awarded to a world-class weasel for saying everything the Tea Party wanted to hear to get into office while believing none of it. DesJarlais (R-TN), before he ran in 2010 as a family values, pro-life conservative, had several affairs and pressured one of his mistresses to have an abortion. Via Addictinginfo: 

His marriage didn’t last much longer but his political career hadn’t yet begun. In 2010, some of his personal life, which included allegedly threatening his wife with a gun, began to leak out. The allegations were shut down as just more dirty politics and with Tea Party backing, he won his election. It might not be so easy this time, as many of what were just rumors have now been confirmed.

DesJarlais’ website says, “All life should be cherished and protected. We are pro-life.”

Of course, the hypocritical right will gladly vote for him anyway. DesJarlais will almost certainly insist that stuff that happened in his past is irrelevant while happily denouncing President Obama for a video that is twice as old or for feigning horror that Obama ate dog as a young child in a country that views dogs as a food source.

The Tea Party has been a movement rife with world class hypocrisy (and very easily manipulated) and DesJarlais is the poster boy for their philosophy: “do as I say, not as I do.”

Congratulations, Scott DesJarlais! You’re a hypocrite!

The Slippery Slope Of Conservative ‘Values’

There’s this neat trick that conservatives do in their brains; they separate the consequences of their policies from both the real world and from each other. What I mean is, a conservative will call for cutting food stamps to “save money” but ignore the reality that children and adults that lack proper nutrition have poorer health and those costs far outstrip the “savings” from cutting food stamps in the first place. Further, children lacking proper nutrition grow up developmentally stunted and are more likely to be low income citizens in need of government assistance, leading to a rise in crime when that assistance is cut by conservatives. This is a 2+2=4 situation but conservatives are incapable (or unwilling) to do the math.

Keeping this in mind, I give you Rep. John Kavanagh (R-Fountain Hills), chairman of the House Appropriations Committee in Arizona.

Arizona, as you probably know, is a paradise of conservative ideals. They’ve run rampant punishing the poor for the excesses of the rich, they’ve pushed abstinence only courses in schools and have passed some of the most restrictive anti-abortion laws in the country. To Kavanagh’s surprise, this has somehow lead to an increase in births paid for by Medicaid. The Arizona Republic quotes Kavanagh as saying, ”I had no idea that the number had grown to that ridiculous level. That’s shocking and depressing.”

But don’t worry! He has some definite ideas about how to solve this dilemma:

Kavanagh wondered if Arizona was being too generous with the benefits, but said he’d need to look into it further. “If we compared these figures to 20 years ago or 10 years ago and we corrected benefit levels, do we have a difference?” he asked. “If the difference is truly caused by giving more people access to AHCCCS, then it could be a political question.”

And there’s the disconnect. Arizona has cut social services, all but banned abortion and made sure that people are uneducated about contraception. And when the birth rate among the poor spikes as a result, Republicans think about how to stop helping those people they put into that situation in the first place. I’ll bet my left foot that if you were to ask Kavanagh if Arizona’s regressive sex ed. and abortion policies had anything to do with the problem he would deny it with his last breath.

This is what makes conservativsm so dangerous: they only look at the ideology, not the reality and certainly not how their “solutions” interact to compound the problem.

But At What Cost?

I was reading this article on Addictinginfo (I’m not just a writer, I’m also a client!) and it reinforced an opinion that I’ve had for some time that conservatives are incapable (or unwilling, which is worse) of seeing the big picture.

“What Happens If Republicans Win The War On Women?” gives a brief history of the Communist Romanian social experiment in which abortion and contraceptives were outlawed. The result was a massive amount of abandoned children taken in by the state. These orphanages were understaffed and underfunded and the children suffered for it. They were physically, emotionally and mentally stunted. Conservatives will happily point to this failure as proof that Communism stinks without an ounce of irony considering they want the very same thing to happen in America.

This is what I mean by “not seeing the big picture.” Conservatives want to end abortion and limit contraception. Well, OK, that means there will be more children on Medicaid and food stamps. But conservatives want to cut those, too. Well, OK, that means these kids will grow up malnourished and sickly. This will severely curtail their options in life, increase the number of poor and make the country less stable. Doesn’t matter as long as conservatives don’t have to pay more taxes. Well, OK, but then how will we pay for increased police force required to deal with the increase in crime that exploding poverty brings? Conservatives will just have to buy more guns to shoot criminals. So, it’s not OK to “murder” a zygote but it’s OK to kill the person that conservatives forced into a life of pain, hunger, misery and despair?

………..SHUT UP YOU STUPID LIBERAL! WHY DO YOU HATE AMERICAN AND BABY JESUS?! Those people brought in themselves by being born poor! It’s not MY fault their parents couldn’t feed them or raise them the right way!

Has anyone not heard a conservative express this kind of view at some point about the poor? I know I have, repeatedly. They live in a world where all their actions have no consequences beyond how it affects them, personally. I got mine, screw you – it’s the conservative way.

Jesus Is The Greatest Abortionist Of All Time

Crossposted from Addictinginfo.org

Oh, don’t take MY word for it! Read the Bible, it’s all in there. God commands his followers to kill pregnant women all over the place! Did you think Noah’s Flood only killed adults? Don’t be ridiculous! There were plenty of children, newborns and innocent fetuses that got tossed in the dustbin of history so Noah and his family could start over.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Here we go, just another dirty godless liberal mocking the name of my Lord! How dare he?!” Well guess what, Bunky? How dare YOU? Yeah you, Mr. (or Mrs.) “I vote Republican because they protect life just like Jesus would except for the bombing of innocents by the tens of thousands, the Death Penalty, opposition to healthcare for all, a gun fetish to make Rambo blush and the hysterical belief that feeding poor children constitutes theft!” But other than those little details, you’re a Christian! And that makes you better than everyone else, right? You’re so much better, in fact, that you and your fellow Christians! have decided that you can tell the rest of us how to live our lives. Especially with regards to abortion. You’ve really got quite the hard-on for abortion. Why, you’re willing to shoot them up and set clinics on fire. Just like Jesus would!

But the reality is that the Bible is quite in favor of abortion. I’ll let Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian explain it to you:

This is what happens when you base your politics on a book that you haven’t bothered to actually read; You take extreme positions on issues without understanding how diametrically opposed you are to what your religious documents really stand for.