Spark Plug vs Automotive Window at 800,000FPS

Motion pictures of this kind are all the time attention-grabbing to observe: you may observe what actually occurs when issues crash, break, are punctured, or deformed in many various methods. Sluggish-motion imaging tools can be getting surprisingly good, up to some extent the place it turns into potential to look at sure basic results and pure forces in nice element.

Picture credit score: The Sluggish Mo Guys (video nonetheless from YouTube)

The Sluggish Mo Guys staff on YouTube have been doing these experiments for fairly some time. Their newest creation reveals spark plug break automobile window , all the things recorded utilizing unimaginable 800 000 frames per second.

Fascinating truth: the identical tools that was used to document this footage can function in ‘FAST’ mode. That’s a complete of 1.75 million frames per second (95 nanoseconds per body) at proportionally diminished resolutions. Right here you may watch the brand new video, spark plug vs. automobile window: