NineSigma, representing a major automotive manufacturer, seeks innovative technology to reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) emitted in the exhaust gas.

NOx reduction in an oxygen-rich environment is assumed for the technology, targeting, for example, diesel engine exhaust and gas emission from a lean-burn gasoline engine. Proposals of higher-performance or simpler, lower-cost technology than existing selective catalytic reduction (SCR) catalysts or lean NOx trap (LNT) catalysts are awaited.

Image credit: Ben Mills/Wikipedia/Public Domain

The Client has been engaged in the reduction of the environmental load caused by automobiles for decades to cope with stricter NOx limit in exhaust gas provided by law. Especially, oxygen is contained in diesel exhaust gas and gas emission from a lean-burn gasoline engine, and hence NOx cannot be reduced, for example, by a three-way catalyst, which is used for normal gasoline stoichiometry.

On the other hand, urea SCR catalyst, LNT catalyst, etc. have developed and commercialized for mainly diesel engines, but these systems are complicated and expensive. The Client has therefore decided to globally invite NOx reduction technology with lower cost and higher performance than existing urea SCR or LNT catalyst, etc. to solve these problems and comply with future emission control.

Submissions to this Challenge must be received by Mar 4, 2021.

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