In-situ Polymerization/Dehydrogenation Technology for Hydrocarbons Contained in Automobile Exhaust Gas

NineSigma, representing a major auto manufacturer, seeks in-situ polymerization/dehydrogenation technology for hydrocarbons contained in the automobile exhaust gas. The focus is mainly placed on catalyst technologies: the polymerization, oligomerization, or aromatization of low-molecular-weight (C2–C5 ) hydrocarbons into macromolecular hydrocarbons (C6 or higher) and dehydrogenation of C2–C9 paraffin such as pentane and octane. Note that a proposal at this point only needs to have established the basic principle if there is a possibility of applicability to practical use. Proposals from a range of sectors, in addition to automobiles, are welcome.

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Recently, vehicle emissions control has been stricter year by year throughout the world. This requires further environmentally friendly technologies. The Client has been engaged in environmentally friendly exhaust gas technology for decades and has researched and developed technologies to reduce hydrocarbons, CO, and NOx.

The exhaust gas consists of various types of hydrocarbons. Among types, the difficulty of treatment is different depending on its characteristics. As conversion technology to easy-to-treat components may contribute to reducing environmental load, the Client has promoted related research and development.

Submissions to this Challenge must be received by Mar 11, 2021.

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