Problem: Cleaner Indoor Air Throughout Wildfires

Air air pollution, together with smoke from wildfires, contributes to substantial adversarial medical, public well being and financial impacts worldwide. The U.S. Environmental Safety Company (EPA) is partnering with federal, state, native, and tribal businesses to encourage the event of recent, low-cost approaches to wash positive particulate matter (PM 2.5) from indoor air. Along with affordability and particulate matter elimination, options that supply added advantages (e.g., cooling, operable throughout an influence outage) will probably be thought-about favourably.

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This Theoretical Problem is a design problem, requiring an in-depth written proposal.


Superb particulate

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An aggressive market-driven mannequin for US fusion energy improvement

Electrical energy generated by fusion energy crops may play an essential function in decarbonizing the U.S. vitality sector by mid-century, says a brand new consensus examine report from the Nationwide Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medication, which additionally lays out for the primary time a set of technical, financial, and regulatory requirements and a timeline for a U.S. fusion pilot plant that will start producing vitality within the 2035-40 timeframe.

The ARC Fusion Pilot Plant idea was developed at MIT as an illustration of the potential of high-temperature superconducting magnets to cut back the price and velocity deployment of fusion

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In-situ Polymerization/Dehydrogenation Technology for Hydrocarbons Contained in Automobile Exhaust Gas

NineSigma, representing a major auto manufacturer, seeks in-situ polymerization/dehydrogenation technology for hydrocarbons contained in the automobile exhaust gas. The focus is mainly placed on catalyst technologies: the polymerization, oligomerization, or aromatization of low-molecular-weight (C2–C5 ) hydrocarbons into macromolecular hydrocarbons (C6 or higher) and dehydrogenation of C2–C9 paraffin such as pentane and octane. Note that a proposal at this point only needs to have established the basic principle if there is a possibility of applicability to practical use. Proposals from a range of sectors, in addition to automobiles, are welcome.

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Recently, vehicle emissions control

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International study finds increased COVID-19 mortality among adults with Down syndrome

A new study by an international team of researchers found that adults with Down syndrome are more likely to die from COVID-19 than the general population, supporting the need to prioritize vaccinating people with the genetic disorder.

Investigators found that adults with Down syndrome were roughly three times more likely to die from COVID-19 than the general population. This increased risk was especially apparent in the fifth decade of life: A 40-year-old with Down syndrome had a similar risk of dying from COVID-19 as someone 30 years older in the general population.

The study was published in The Lancet’s Clinical

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Engineers Place Molecule-Scale Devices in Precise Orientation

Engineers have developed a technique that allows them to precisely place microscopic devices formed from folded DNA molecules in not only a specific location but also in a specific orientation.

As a proof-of-concept, they arranged more than 3,000 glowing moon-shaped nanoscale molecular devices into a flower-shaped instrument for indicating the polarization of light. Each of 12 petals pointed in a different direction around the center of the flower, and within in each petal about 250 moons were aligned to the direction of the petal. Because each moon only glows when struck by polarized light matching its orientation, the end result

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Chemistry of tea | Technology Org

What is the most popular drink after water? We dare to say that the answer is tea. It is known that ancient civilizations used to drink it. However, the first literature descriptions of tea use are dated about 300 years of the new era. Within this paper, we focus on the science behind this fantastic drink.

Image Credit: Martyna Kaźmierczak & Science Embassy

Color and aroma

There are many tea types, but the main are white, green, red, black, yellow tea. There are also other tea types like hibiscus-based one or herbal tea, while that is a different story. Let’s

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