How to Set Up a New Database With LibreOffice Base

One of the apps offered in the free and open-source LibreOffice suite is called Base. Base is a front end application for creating, connecting to, or reading databases (including those created with Microsoft Access). This guide will walk you through the process of using Base to create a simple but useful database of your own and start entering data.

An Electronic Database

1. Install LibreOffice Base

The LibreOffice suite, an alternative to the Microsoft Office suite, is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. There are several ways to install it on your system (particularly if you’re a Linux user) but you can download the official installation packages at In this article, we’ll be using LibreOffice version

2. Launch Base and Create a Database

LibreOffice Base Launch Screen

Once LibreOffice is installed, launch Base from your desktop. Every time you open Base, you’ll see this dialog, asking you if you want to start a new database or open an existing one. Select the Create a new database radio button.

Base comes with a relational database management system called HSQLDB (HyperSQL Database Management System) that’s ready to use and is the default option.

HSQLDB is ideal for your first project, as it’s simple and easy

What Is Packet Loss and How to Fix Its Cause?

Focus on the troubleshooting and fixes. The list of tools to reduce packet loss in the DNS stuff article is overkill, but you can recommend one. Apparently, the game Apex Legends is a prime sufferer from packet loss; is there a specific reason and fix? Explore.


Packet loss is a major problem with network communications and can make your connection spotty. But what is packet loss, and why is it a problem?

Let’s take a look at what packet loss is and how to fix it.

What Is Packet Loss?

First, let’s break down what a “packet” is, so we can understand what causes packet loss and why it’s so bad.

When you browse the internet, you need to both send and receive data to load a website. Your computer needs to talk to the server it’s trying to connect to.

To do this, it sends small bundles of data down the internet toward the destination. These small bundles are known as “packets.”

Packets can’t store a huge amount of data; at most, they can fit 65,535 bytes (or 0.065 megabytes) of information within them. However, your average internet packet won’t even be this big. Typically, internet packets store only

Microsoft Edge Is Becoming a Productivity Dream

Microsoft’s next move for Edge is to use one of Chrome’s planned features before Chrome gets it.

Microsoft wants Edge to become a major competitor amongst the other browsers, and an upcoming update gives the browser a foot ahead of its rivals. You’ll soon be able to use Microsoft Edge more productively to help you organize your work.

Someone working on a laptop and phone browser

What’s on the Horizon for Microsoft Edge?

The newest update was spotted in the wild by Windows Latest, which noted a particularly promising addition to Edge Canary. Canary is Edge’s update testing branch, so it’s a great way to see what’s on the horizon for Microsoft’s browser.

First, the browser now allows you to rename windows. You can achieve this by right-clicking each window’s title bar and assigning it a custom name.

This feature is actually a part of Microsoft Edge’s Chromium base and was added by Google engineers. However, Google hasn’t quite pushed this feature out yet. Microsoft Edge’s developers are taking the initiative, however, and getting it out for their own browser.

Renaming a window is great for sorting out your tabs. You can have different windows with specific tabs in each and then name each window accordingly for

Thanksgiving Is Saved! Zoom Lifts Time Restriction on Turkey Day

Zoom is removing its 40-minute time limit for video calls on Thanksgiving Day.

If your entire family can’t get together on Thanksgiving due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom is here to save the day. The video-conferencing platform is lifting its 40-minute time restriction for all video calls on Thanksgiving.

Zoom Video Calls Thanksgiving

Zoom Temporarily Removes Its 40-Minute Time Limit

Zoom is giving back to its US-based users on Thanksgiving. The platform, which typically has a 40-minute time limit for free video calls, is waiving that constraint for an entire day.

Zoom announced the exciting update in a Tweet. The platform said, “as a thank you to our customers, we will be lifting the 40-minute limit for all meetings globally.”

You can access limit-free calls starting at midnight EST on November 26, 2020, which will last all the way until 6am on November 27. This way, “your family gatherings don’t get cut short.”

Since limitless calls

Do You Tip DoorDash or Postmates Drivers? And How Much?

People are ordering takeout more frequently, which has contributed to a rise in the popularity of delivery apps such as DoorDash and Postmates.

people at a park eating takeout

Whether you’re new to delivery apps or a seasoned user, you might be wondering how much to tip delivery workers on these platforms. Keep reading for a breakdown on how gratuity works in delivery apps, and how much you should leave in tips.

Why You Should Tip Delivery Workers

While regulations vary state-by-state, app delivery workers are usually classified as independent contractors, not as employees.

Although this means that they can set their own hours, it also prevents them from receiving employee benefits and legal wage protections, including minimum wage or overtime pay. Without employee protections, delivery workers might take home less than $5/hour if there’s extremely low demand.

DoorDash Drivers Tipping

While both DoorDash and Postmates provide their workers with base pay rates, base pay is often far below state minimum wage. Plus, as independent contractors, delivery workers pay for their own gas and payroll tax. Tips are critical to helping delivery workers make up the wage gap and ultimately make ends meet.

How Does DoorDash Pay Its Workers?

DoorDash is a popular food delivery app that’s active in

How to Add Bots to Your Discord Server

Discord is a great way to chat with other people. If you run your own Discord server, chances are that you’re going to want to install a bot at some point. Bots can help you automate moderation, add a points and leaderboard system, listen to music together, and much more.


We’re going to run through everything you need to know about Discord bots and teach you how to add bots to your Discord server. It’s easier than you might think.

What Are Discord Bots?

Discord bots can be built in different programming languages. Think of them as add-ons to a server to expand the core functionality of Discord.

If you’ve been in any of the best Discord servers out there, you’ve likely encountered a bot, perhaps without even realizing it. Take a look at the members list because bots will be listed here alongside human members. They’ll have a “Bot” badge to distinguish them.

Most bots are designed to run 24/7 on a server and you can usually communicate with them through text commands. These commands then trigger a specific part of their code, which in turn performs an action on the server.

Chances are that if you want to