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Spotify Buys Podcast Publishing Platform Megaphone

In its bid to become the podcast leader, Spotify has acquired Megaphone as part of its ever-growing portfolio.

Spotify has long dominated the music streaming world, but it’s making big moves when it comes to podcasts. That continues with the recent announcement that Spotify is acquiring Megaphone, a podcast advertising platform that aims to make it simple for publishers to monetize their podcasts.

spotify megaphone

Spotify Acquires Megaphone

Megaphone describes itself as “podcast technology for publishers and advertisers”. The service is designed for podcast creators to publish, monetize, and measure their content.

Some brands using Megaphone include Disney, Wall Street Journal, CBS

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Minecraft Fleeceware Scams Millions of Google Play Users

According to digital security experts, Minecraft players who use the Google Play Store to download unofficial third-party apps have come under threat.

google play icon with minecraft sheep

If you download apps related to the extremely popular title, most of which modify the game in some way, you may have opened yourself up to some real-life Creepers and it could be costing you real-life money.

Minecraft Users Get Targeted by Rogue Apps

In a recent press release, Avast has identified several apps that are harmful to Minecraft players and also to a handful of Roblox players.

These apps are also known as fleeceware. Not because they’re

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Samsung Passes Apple as Number One Smartphone Brand in the US

This is the first time in three years that Samsung has been the leader.

There’s a never-ending war raging before our very eyes. The battle for smartphone supremacy in the United States between Samsung and Apple never relents. The two companies always find themselves in the number one and two spots for the most popular smartphone maker in the country. However, which brand comes out ahead tends to shift.

Samsung logo on building

Or it did. For a while, the two firms were back and forth. For the last three years, Apple has reigned supreme. That has changed today, as Samsung finally found itself

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President Trump to Lose “World Leader” Privileges on Twitter

When Trump leaves office in 2021, his Twitter account will be subject to the same rules that apply to normal accounts.

Starting on January 20th, 2021, US President Donald Trump will lose his “world leader” status on Twitter. Trump’s account and Tweets will soon be subject to removal if he breaks Twitter’s policies.

Trump Loses World Leader Status Twitter

Trump’s Loses His “Free Pass” on Twitter

Joe Biden has won the US presidential election, and President Trump will be out of the White House in January 2021.

Since assuming office, President Trump’s Twitter account has been protected by Twitter’s public interest policies that apply to world

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Microsoft Begins Scouting Japanese Studios to Buy

Microsoft wants to buy as many game studios as it can, and Sony just left the door to Japan wide open.

Microsoft has gone on record stating that the company intends to purchase external studios to make Xbox games, and now some cogs may already be in motion. Rumor has it that Microsoft has its eyes on Japanese companies that it wants to acquire.

An Xbox Series X

Why Microsoft Is Targeting Japan

This news comes to us from Bloomberg, which first heard the rumor. It appears that Microsoft is attempting to exploit a flaw in Sony’s armor after Sony moved its attention

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Parler, a Conservative Social Network, Spikes in Popularity

Following Trump’s loss in the US presidential election, conservatives have begun flocking to Parler.

Supporters of US President Donald Trump have been migrating to the conservative Twitter alternative, Parler, in droves. An increased number of downloads following Trump’s loss in the 2020 US election have pushed Parler to the top of the charts in both the App Store and Google Play Store.

Parler Rises in Popularity After Trump Loss

Everyone’s Talking About Parler

Parler describes itself as a “free speech social network” where you can “speak freely and express yourself openly, without fear of being ‘deplatformed’ for your views.” The overall interface of Parler closely resembles Twitter,

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