Day: December 30, 2020

International Team of Scientists Propose a Method to Power the Earth with 100% Sustainable Energy

A new paper recently published in the international journal Energies explores the energy-related, technological, and consumption patterns necessary to achieve a sustainable future on this planet in a way that benefits everyone – human and otherwise.

Rather than portraying the current lack of sustainability as a function of the uptake of carbon emissions, the paper introduces a “Renewable Energy Equivalent Footprint” (REEF) which “depicts a hypothetical world in which the electricity and fuel demands are met entirely from renewable energy”.

The paper lays out how powering our civilisation in such a manner would require a large-scale electrification of the current

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Philip Morris Eyes Tech Gadgets For ‘Smoke

Change the way in which you think devices as a result of the iPad is here, lastly touched the planet. The 20th Annual Last Gadget Standing was hosted by Jennifer Jolly, Emmy award-successful tech-life TELEVISION show host and author for The New York Instances. The contest’s media and production accomplice, , produced the famed halftime trivia contest the place the audience received thrilling swag by correctly answering esoteric tech questions. By scanning the germicidal sanitary system over surfaces, the CELLULAR KLEAN includes a security guard which directs the sunshine where it must go when the sunshine has been activated. As … Read More