Day: December 8, 2020

Gadget Insurance coverage

As a substitute of stuffing your pockets with a group of gadgetry, how would you want one single system that did all the pieces? Properly. Many of us have forgotten reading books. However still there is a huge readership of e-books this gadget. If you’re a worm, just get voracious to guzzle a whole lot of digital alphabets obtainable on the iPad. There are half a dozen or more iPhone functions that may merely facilitate you to obtain your adored e-tomes. There is Stanza, Google Books and wattpad. What’s most special in this iPad is it lets you see two … Read More

Opening the ‘black box’ of artificial intelligence

In February of 2013, Eric Loomis was driving around in the small town of La Crosse in Wisconsin, US, when he was stopped by the police. The car he was driving turned out to have been involved in a shooting, and he was arrested. Eventually a court sentenced him to six years in prison.

This might have been an uneventful case, had it not been for a piece of technology that had aided the judge in making the decision. They used COMPAS, an algorithm that determines the risk of a defendant becoming a recidivist. The court inputs a range of

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