How to Add Bots to Your Discord Server

Discord is a great way to chat with other people. If you run your own Discord server, chances are that you’re going to want to install a bot at some point. Bots can help you automate moderation, add a points and leaderboard system, listen to music together, and much more.


We’re going to run through everything you need to know about Discord bots and teach you how to add bots to your Discord server. It’s easier than you might think.

What Are Discord Bots?

Discord bots can be built in different programming languages. Think of them as add-ons to a server to expand the core functionality of Discord.

If you’ve been in any of the best Discord servers out there, you’ve likely encountered a bot, perhaps without even realizing it. Take a look at the members list because bots will be listed here alongside human members. They’ll have a “Bot” badge to distinguish them.

Most bots are designed to run 24/7 on a server and you can usually communicate with them through text commands. These commands then trigger a specific part of their code, which in turn performs an action on the server.

Chances are that if you want to

Silent killers in cosmetics | Technology Org

Archeological research shows that cosmetics have been in use since antiquity. It is in human nature to care about the condition of our skin and to decorate our body. Substances used to make cosmetics evolved, starting from charcoal and natural pigments obtained from flowers and leaves to sun blockers, metallic eyeshadows, and fluorescent lipsticks.

However, are they all beneficial to health? Unfortunately, not necessarily.

A lot of cosmetics compounds can cause serious health problems and affect the whole organism. Moreover, some of them can be even genotoxic. That is why it is worth digging through the list of ingredients when you choose other cosmetics in grocery stores. Here, we present a brief review of harmful substances that can be found in cosmetics. Have you ever wondered how many of them do you have in your home?

Image credit: M. Osial


Can you imagine a world without the beauty industry? Probably not. We all use various types of cosmetics. Even if we are not heavy users of eyeshadows, hair conditioners,  mascaras, foundations, and nail polish, we use soap and toothpaste daily. Today’s world is completely dominated by cosmetics.

Their widespread use is unprecedented. Producers create more and more fancy cosmetics