How to Set Up Two-Step Verification on PSN

Two-step verification is an industry-standard in terms of account protection. Here’s how to get it working on PSN.

Two-step verification is an important security feature that’s become standard on most online accounts. You should always enable it when you have the option, and if you’re a PlayStation user, Sony thankfully supports the feature for PlayStation accounts.

Two Step Verification PlayStation Featured

We’ll show you how to start using two-step verification on your PlayStation account right away.

How to Enable Two-Step Verification for PlayStation Accounts

While you can add two-step verification to your PlayStation account on your PS4 or PS5, it’s easier to do using a computer, which is the method we’ll cover here.

To set up two-step verification on your PlayStation account, you’ll first need to log into your profile. Head to the PlayStation sign-in page and log in with your credentials to access your account.

Note that since Sony owns the PlayStation brand, you’ll see Sony branding on some login pages instead of PlayStation. This is normal.

Once you’re signed in, you’ll see your account management page. On the left side, select Security to open a new page. You might have to confirm your password again to proceed.

Sony Account PlayStation Security Options

On the new page, you’ll see

Wearable Tech Market Surge Led By New Devices

Simply the other day I used to be asked by my companion if, aside from the plain gifts reminiscent of an iPod, Xbox 360, a digital camera, cell phone and so forth, I may give her some ideas of what I would really like as a gift. Calantzopoulos says users of “smoke-free” merchandise ought to pay less for all times insurance than regular smokers – who are often charged double the quantity for non-smokers. Flatbed scanners are usually smaller machines extra generally used within companies that value high quality over quantity. Flatbed scanners are greatest suited to scan lifelike digital copies of photographs, advertising and marketing supplies, and graphics-heavy documents. You do not simply get a gorgeous wanting piece of technology whenever you purchase an iPhone, you additionally get access to many downloadable purposes to extend its use even further. There aren’t any buttons – no keys. It’s all achieved on display screen. A liquid crystal show supplies for contact display screen technology with an anti-scratch surface. Cell know-how actually at your fingertips.

This safety gadget is a stand alone unit that requires no energy-source, just place and mount where you need it. This movement detection gadget will automatically flip …

Shear Force—How Good Materials are Made Better

Researchers demonstrate improvements at the atomic level

Finding new, low-cost ways to make better metal alloys and composites is one of the holy grails of the materials research world. Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) are finding a lot of success using solid phase processing approaches to create materials with improved properties. To understand what’s happening and why, they are peering all the way to the atomic level of the materials’ microstructures. One recent study was published this month in Communications Materials.

Materials scientists Arun Devaraj and Bharat Gwalani (foreground) use a pin-on-disk tribometer to impart shear deformation in materials.
(Photo by Arun Devaraj | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

Throughout history, from the Bronze Age, to the Iron Age, to modern times, the art of the possible in metals production has largely been limited to processes in which the metal is first melted and then subjected to a number of energy-intensive steps to produce alloys and, ultimately, useful products. Melt-based processing approaches have been very successful, but they are limited in the kinds of metal alloys and composites that can be made and the properties that can be achieved.

In solid