How Powerful Is Your ‘Robust’ Gadget?

It’s exhausting to believe how much the world has modified in the final 30 years ago. What’s more, safety researchers have discovered that Zoom , the preferred video chatting app, has main security vulnerabilities on computers but not on cell devices like the iPad. That is as a result of cell apps operate in a extra restricted surroundings with restricted entry to your data. There are energy banks that may cost different gadgets all in one go. For example, a single energy bank can charge smartphones such because the iPhone, Samsung, HTC and Blackberry. Some power banks can charge smartphones and tablets on the identical time. There are so many options from which you can choose.

You may need heard of the Kurio 7 pill, as a result of it’s targeted directly to households. This $149, Android-powered gadget lets you create a number of youngster profiles with ease, in addition to limit screen time and Net browsing. Dad and mom also can choose to whitelist only the apps they need Junior to make use of. However what good is a youngsters’ tablet if it runs out of fuel in simply 3 hours and 37 minutes? That works out to $39.50 …

Samsung Passes Apple as Number One Smartphone Brand in the US

This is the first time in three years that Samsung has been the leader.

There’s a never-ending war raging before our very eyes. The battle for smartphone supremacy in the United States between Samsung and Apple never relents. The two companies always find themselves in the number one and two spots for the most popular smartphone maker in the country. However, which brand comes out ahead tends to shift.

Samsung logo on building

Or it did. For a while, the two firms were back and forth. For the last three years, Apple has reigned supreme. That has changed today, as Samsung finally found itself as the number one smartphone brand in the US for the first time in three years.

Samsung Is Officially Number One

According to market researcher Strategy Analytics (h/t the Korea Herald), Samsung has slid its way into the number one spot for most smartphones sold in the US for the third quarter of 2020.

During the July-September period, Samsung accounted for 33.7 percent in the US smartphone market. That’s an impressive 6.7 percent increase over the same period in 2019.

While Apple may not be number one anymore, the company still moved plenty of smartphones, accounting for 30.2 percent

President Trump to Lose “World Leader” Privileges on Twitter

When Trump leaves office in 2021, his Twitter account will be subject to the same rules that apply to normal accounts.

Starting on January 20th, 2021, US President Donald Trump will lose his “world leader” status on Twitter. Trump’s account and Tweets will soon be subject to removal if he breaks Twitter’s policies.

Trump Loses World Leader Status Twitter

Trump’s Loses His “Free Pass” on Twitter

Joe Biden has won the US presidential election, and President Trump will be out of the White House in January 2021.

Since assuming office, President Trump’s Twitter account has been protected by Twitter’s public interest policies that apply to world leaders and government officials.

Twitter takes a more lenient approach to these types of accounts, and doesn’t always remove Tweets for breaking the platform’s rules. The platform will only consider taking down an official’s Tweet if it contains anything about terrorism, violence, illegal goods, self-harm, private information, or election integrity.

On Twitter’s public interest Help Center page, Twitter outlines the alternative actions it takes when an official violates its policies, stating:

In rare instances, we may choose to leave up a Tweet from an elected or government official that would otherwise be taken down. Instead we will place it behind

Bacteria ensure better use of biomass

Despite Danish biogas plants operating at full capacity, only about half of the energy content from the raw materials is converted into biogas. This is because a large proportion of the biomass received—e.g. straw and other biomass with a high lignin content—can not be digested by the biogas plant bacteria.  Lignin is a carbon compound that protects plants from being degraded in the wild.

A new process developed at DTU Chemical Engineering now allows biogas plants to both make better use of biomass and at the same time produce methane—which has a significantly higher value than biogas. With the new process, close to 100 per cent of the carbon content of the raw material ends up in the final product.

Wood. Image credit: uroburos via Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain

Initially, biomass is converted into so-called synthesis gas with the help of gasification. Microorganisms subsequently convert the synthesis gas into methane through the process of fermentation.

“Fermentation occurs under mild conditions—i.e. without increased pressure and with only a slightly raised temperature of between 30 and 60 °C.  This is a simple and inexpensive process which makes the method particularly attractive to the many small biogas producers in Denmark,” says Associate

When Algorithmic Fairness Fixes Fail: The Case for Keeping Humans in the Loop

Attempts to fix clinical prediction algorithms to make them fair also make them less accurate.

As healthcare systems increasingly rely on predictive algorithms to make decisions about patient care, they are bumping up against issues of fairness.

For example, a hospital might use its electronic healthcare records to predict which patients are at risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes or depression and then offer high-risk patients special attention. But women, Black people, and other ethnic or racial minority groups might have a history of being misdiagnosed or untreated for these problems.

Image credit:, CC0 Public Domain

That means a predictive model trained on historic data could reproduce historical mistreatment or have a much higher error rate for these subgroups than it does for white male patients. And when the hospital uses that algorithm to decide who should receive special care, that can make matters worse.

Some researchers have been hoping to address model fairness issues algorithmically – by recalibrating the model for different groups or developing ways to reduce systematic differences in the rate and distribution of errors across groups.

But Nigam Shah, associate professor of medicine (biomedical informatics) and of biomedical data science at Stanford University and an

Water Predictions: Telling when a Nanolithography Mold will Break Through Droplets

Ultraviolet nanoimprint lithography is powerful method of producing polymer nanostructures by pressing a curable resin onto a mold. However, there are no convenient methods to determine the lifetime of molds. Now, in a recent study in Japan, scientists develop a simple strategy to reliably predict the durability of mold materials by observing how water droplets make contact with the mold’s surface as it wears out and distorts with use.

Ultraviolet nanoimprint lithography (UV-NIL) is a manufacturing technique for producing nanostructures using UV-curable resin. One of its main advantages is its sheer simplicity; UV-NIL essentially consists of pouring a liquid resin over a nanostructured mold, making the resin solidify using UV irradiation, and then releasing it from the mold. The result is a solid polymer with a nanostructure that is the inverse of that of the mold. Using this technique, a great variety of functional devices and thin films can be made for applications in fields such as optics, electronics, healthcare, biology research, and solar cells, to name just but a few.

Measuring how a drop of water makes contact with the grooves of a nanolithography mold to find out how worn out the mold is. Image credit: Jun Taniguchi, Tokyo