The Right Keeps Arguing With Empty Chairs

or: “No, Right Wing Imbeciles, Liberals Do NOT Support ALL Leftists”

You have to hand it to right wingers: they are the masters of abusing every logical fallacy in existence.

The most recent example? The growing violence in Venezuela. A recurring theme is popping up on the right: Since the government of Venezuela is nominally a leftist one, all liberals must take the blame for its repressive nature. Oh, and HA HA! A lefty country is failing because libtards suck!

First, this kind of cruel joy at the sufferings of others is typical of right wingers. Nothing makes them happier to see people they don’t like in pain and misery. Because, you know, they’re good Christians or something. On the other hand, if Israel were to descend into a civil war, liberals might root for the racist warmongers currently in charge to be kicked out. What we wouldn’t do is crow about how awesome it is that a right wing government led its country into chaos and bloodshed. Possibly owing to the fact that liberals aren’t dicks.

Second, is there some unwritten law that says liberals must defend all leftist governments? I’m no fan of Castro and while Stalin was way before my time, I’m quite aware he was a monster. I don’t actually know any liberals that think Stalin was some kind of hero and while many liberals think our embargo of Cuba is silly (let’s face it, the embargo completely failed, time to move on), I can’t think of any that lionize Castro.

What we’re really seeing is a pathetic attempt to smear liberalism by pretending we worship extreme left wing dictators. Meanwhile, the only difference between several Middle Eastern theocratic oligarchies and what the right openly advocates for America is the religion. If Iran was run by Christian fanatics instead of Muslim fanatics, the right would abandon Israel in a heartbeat to embrace their new best friends.

But let’s all keep pretending liberals all love communist/socialist regimes, no matter how cruel they are. After all, if the right didn’t have their empty chairs to argue with, they might have to face reality for a change and that might make their tiny hate-filled brains explode.


3 Responses to The Right Keeps Arguing With Empty Chairs

  1. Just read your post and I must say it is one of the silliest post I have read in a while.

    • Hey, don’t blame me because you don’t like how conservatives argue with made up liberal “beliefs.” Maybe if you spent more time demanding conservatives be honest in their dealings, you wouldn’t have these problems?

  2. Right on target. I personally dislike defining the debate as always left vs. Right … most issues are not that b & w … i also dislike equate left with liberalism

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