Libertarians Jumping On The “I’m A Victim!” Bandwagon

Jump_On_The_Bandwagon_1I don’t think it’s a “new” talking point for the “I’m secretly a conservative but lie through my teeth about it” libertarian movement but I’m starting to notice they’re really pushing the whole “Taxes are violence and slavery perpetrated against free people” concept.¬†Pretty much every conversation I have or follow with libertarians degenerates into this nonsense. I can only assume they’ve been watching conservatives play the victim card so successfully and want in on that action.

By “successfully” I mean that conservatives have perfected the victim mentality necessary to keep the real world at bay. Fox News and AM Hate Radio have taken great pains to make their audience feel that they are under attack from all sides. This has the dual effect of making conservatives both paranoid and isolated. This is same way cults control their victims. When everyone is lying to you and trying to hurt you, you can only trust your fellow cult members.

However, this transparent bullshit falls apart when you ask who’s forcing them to live in the United States, this evil land of violent taxes. They’ll claim it’s not their fault they were born here (but they love America!) and why should they have to move? Of course, nothing is KEEPING them here but so what? They’re the victims!

The fact that libertarians equate taxes to violence and slavery shows that they live in a world of ignorant privilege. Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of them are male, white and grew up in middle class surroundings. No one who has spent any time being oppressed for real could do anything but sneer at the libertarian pretension to victimhood.

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